Threaded Inserts from Micron Components

Why use Threaded Inserts?

Threaded inserts are used in non-metal products where reusable and strong assembly threads are required.

Typically, products made from thermoplastic plastics, thermosetting plastics, composite plastics, or timber will benefit from the use of inserts in the manufacturing process.

Threaded Inserts are usually produced in brass, stainless steel, or electroplated steel.



Threaded Inserts for Rotational Moulding [Rotomolding]

Our PlasGRIP Threaded Insert® ranges are a mould-in Insert specifically designed for rotational moulding applications. Developed in 2003 and improved since, these inserts provide for the free flow and even coverage of plastic during the moulding process.

Available series in this range are:


Threaded Inserts for Post-Mould Installation

Micron Components also offers threaded inserts which are for installation after moulding. These are useful for 3-D printed products, sheet plastic fabrications, and injection moulded products. These inserts fall into 2 groups:

Press-In (Hot or Cold)



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